We eat, sleep and drink this stuff

Since 2010 Drakkar is active in Liferay development and has become well known within the Dutch and European Liferay Community. Besides sponsoring Local Liferay events we provide presentations like last year at the European Liferay Symposium in Wiesbaden – Germany. Liferay is versatile and so are we.

We do:

·      Setting-up and automating the setup of Liferay installations

·      Setting up Liferay Portals using standard Liferay functionality

·      Expanding Liferay functionality

·      Custom Portlet development

·      Themes development


As a company we have been involved in Liferay projects from internal intranet solutions to self-service websites with more than 150000 registered users.

With our Java Background we are able to disclose and integrate any application thru a Liferay Portal. Java also allows us to understand the core of Liferay and where needed we can fix or adjust the way Liferay works using Hooks.


But what is Liferay

For some time this has cost met some effort to answer this question, not that I did not know what Liferay was but the problem was more ‘where to start' .For technology people the answer is simple: Liferay is an open source Java web portal than can be used to build intranets and extranets but also websites.  It's a platform to build and deploy applications on and allows you to use many different technologies and frameworks.  But to explain it at a higher level, Liferay is a Community supported platform for constructing web-communities and gives you a vast set of functionality for free to use. It is constantly expanding and improving. For more information please visit http://www.liferay.com


When to choose Liferay

In our opinion the choice of using Liferay is one to be considered very well. Liferay is a heavy package and it will cost you time to get experienced in it. But if you need any combination of CMS, DMS, Workflow or integrating other systems we think Liferay should be on your short list.


How can we help you

First of all we can help you to get an idea if Liferay is a solution for you by studying your specifications. If Liferay is an option for you then we can provide you a proof of concept build on Liferay. If you finally choose the option we proposed we will set up a project team with Liferay consultants to set up your portal. After that you can count on us to maintain it trough the whole lifecycle.


Would you like to know how we can help you of if Liferay is a good choice for your company? Please get in touch with us:

Jan van der Kaaden